With reports of a possible return of La Niña, a climate phenomenon which is linked to extreme weather events, Auto Windscreens is advising all UK motorists to prepare for an expected cold snap.

According to Auto Windscreens’ Innovation and Training Manager, Chris Bonsall, following simple advice through the winter months could save money and avoid costly repairs. Chris has worked in the industry for nearly 40 years and advises where drivers park their cars can have a bearing on whether they are affected by ice and snow.

Chris advises: “Whenever possible, always park your vehicle in a garage overnight, next to a building or even between other cars to give it some protection from the elements. If your vehicle is covered in snow, remove it all, not just from your windscreen, as built-up snow on roofs and bonnets can slide off and obstruct your view.”

The correct care of glass in vehicles can save time in the longer term and prevent damage. Chris adds: “Clean glass, lights and mirrors regularly as grit and salt can make them dirty very quickly. Ideally, when leaving your car, protect glass with a special removable cover, but if you do need to remove ice, never pour boiling water on it, which could cause it to crack or explode.”

Chris’ list of winter ‘must-have’ equipment is simple and inexpensive - de-icer and an ice scraper: “Use a good quality de-icer – have two cans handy in case you run out - and a proper ice-scraper - as CD cases and other makeshift scrapers can scratch. Clear all glass and mirrors of frost and snow - never make ‘portholes’.
Ensure side windows are free of frost at the edges of the felt or rubber runners to prevent damage to the opening mechanism.”

Chris believes all motorists should give their vehicles regular winter ‘health checks’ in cold weather: “Check your wiper blades for wear and don’t pull them off an icy windscreen, as the rubber on the blade will tear. Ensure you top up with anti-freeze screen wash daily and don’t be tempted to use washing-up liquid in place of anti-freeze, particularly in cold weather. And finally - check your windscreen for damage - if you see any chips or cracks get specialist advice as soon as possible from Auto Windscreens.”
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