Markerstudy Insurance has been selected as the underwriter for an innovative new scheme which offers fairer motor insurance premiums by basing them on driving style and behaviour.

Fair Pay Insurance was born out of a partnership between Motaquote and TomTom and is being billed as the ‘new era of car insurance’. It uses the latest navigation and in-car technology to calculate the price policy-holders are charged, based on the number of miles driven, the type of road and time of travel. The product is aimed at drivers who are paying, or expect to pay, more than £1,000 for their car insurance, and despite being good drivers, feel unfairly charged.

Gary Humphreys, Group Underwriting Director for Markerstudy Group, said: “We’ve been working with Motaquote in the provision of its niche products for almost 12 months, firstly with iKube, which is aimed at young drivers, and now with Fair Pay Insurance. We’re proud to have been given the green light to underwrite this ingenious product. Fair Pay Insurance is steering the industry in the right direction, towards fairer premiums and giving the control back to the customer.”

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Notes to Editors:

The Markerstudy Group includes the insurance arm of the business: Markerstudy Insurance Company Limited and Zenith Insurance plc (acquired in January 2010) plus supporting companies Markerstudy Limited and Zenith Insurance Management UK Limited, providing distribution, claims and administrative support.

The following brands operate within the Markerstudy Retail Division: The Insurance Factory, Insurance, Insurance Shop, Insurance Factory Commercial, Mobilers and Caterer’s Club, all of which offer value and choice to a wide range of customers.

Wessex Finance, a sub-prime lending and premium finance facility is also an integral part of the Markerstudy Group.

In addition, The Markerstudy Group encompasses Auto Windscreens, which joined the Group in February 2011, and Tonbridge Coachworks Vehicle Repair Group acquired in June 2011.

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