In this section you will find details of our products, plus other supporting documents that you might need as either a broker or a customer.

Our policies are intended to be easy to read, as well as including all the regulatory information that is required.

Products available from Markerstudy Insurance Company Limited:

Markerstudy Private Car
Females aged 17 – 65
Males aged 19 – 65
Vehicle values up to £100,000
Comp and TPF&T Only
Protected No Claims Bonus, 1 yr upwards
Foreign use – 30 days free of charge

Markerstudy Solar
Male and Females aged 17 – 60
Comp and TPF&T covers only available
Males aged 17/18 must have minimum 3 points on licence
Multiple accident/convictions records
Unusual occupations

Markerstudy Solar Commercial Vehicle
Target market professional tradesperson
Proposers and all drivers must be aged 19 and over
Maximum of 5 ton GVW
Occupation discounts given for many trades
Wide acceptance in terms of accident and conviction records
Limited mileage discounts available
Named drivers
All covers available
Comp – maximum vehicle value £25,000
TPF&T – maximum vehicle value £5,000
Protected No Claims Bonus available

Private / Public Hire
Product available on major software houses
Via selected intermediaries only
All drivers must be full time taxi drivers
All drivers aged 25yrs old to 70yrs
Cover available where minimum 12 months experience as a taxi driver
Maximum value permitted on Comp is £39,000 and £7,500 on TPF&T

All policies will exclude Driving other Cars
Increased Public liability cover available

If you have lost your policy booklet, or just want to check any aspect, please click on the images over the next few pages to see or print a copy. If you are a Markerstudy Group agent, you will have been sent samples and an order slip.

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