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Gary’s preamble

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Sequins and spray-tans!

In an industry which has been accused of being in the dark ages, but is heading towards the light, I for one am pleased with the sea change taking place. I can’t open a magazine at the moment without seeing headlines relating to diversity, equality and mental wellbeing, and this pleases me enormously.  I’m enjoying the cages being rattled, and reading the reform plans of organisations that are ‘upping their game’ (and about time, too!).

I’m a husband and a father of daughters and sons, so I’m a keen advocate for fairness.  The Markerstudy culture is driven from the top down, and I believe sets us apart from our contemporaries.  We’ve never had a ‘glass ceiling’, as our senior management team will testify, and we don’t shy away from frank discussions about our policies and procedures. I’m proud to say there are equal opportunities for all throughout our group and positions are filled by the person best qualified to do the job, whatever their gender. 

So what does a Saturday evening look like in the Humphreys’ household? I’m unabashed to say I enjoy the sequins and spray tans of ‘Strictly’ as much as the premier league action. The former is a big favourite with my youngest daughter, Lottie, in particular, and although I can wear my Spurs top, I struggle with the spandex!!



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