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Mandatory MOTs to be reintroduced on 1st August

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This week, the government has announced that mandatory MOT tests for car, motorcycle and van owners in England, Scotland and Wales are to be reintroduced to ensure vehicles are roadworthy.   

With lockdown restrictions continuing to be slowly lifted and an increase in the number of cars on the road, if your vehicle is due an MOT test from 1st August you will be required to get a test certificate to continue driving your vehicle.

In addition to ensuring your vehicle is safe to drive, having an out of date MOT certificate will invalidate your insurance policy. Not having a valid MOT certificate is illegal (under Section 47 of the Road Traffic Act 1988) and you can also run the risk of facing a fine and points on your licence without one.

If your MOT due date is before 1st August, you will still receive a six-month exemption from testing. However, all vehicles must continue to be properly maintained and kept in a roadworthy condition.  Motorists can be prosecuted for driving an unsafe vehicle and you are able to voluntarily get your MOT sooner if you wish, even if you are exempt from the legal requirement.

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