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Gary Humphreys 240X300

Our Group Underwriting Director, Gary Humphreys, recently commented on the hot topic of vehicle technology in the 6th February issue of Post magazine. Here’s what he thinks – do you agree?

Let us know by dropping your comments below. We’ll include the best responses in our next issue. Go on, it’s your chance to have your say!

“Devices like collision alarms and blind spot warning systems can only be a good thing, but since they’re still in their infancy, they tend to be restricted to top-end vehicles. Until the manufacturers are able to roll these out to a wider range of vehicles, their impact will be negligible.

“Lenses handed out to foreign truck drivers by the Highways Agency to help them see motorists in their wing mirrors have had a positive impact, which suggest blind spot warning systems could be the permanent answer here – and should be compulsory in left hand drive lorries. Any device that helps a driver avoid an accident can only be a good thing.”

To read the full article, visit: (please note you will require a subscription to Post magazine).



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