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Markerstudy Pledges in response to COVID-19

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As we confirmed last week we are fully backing the ABI pledges to ensure that we are supporting you and your customers during these uncertain times.

We would like to clarify the situation around our stance to customers’ changing circumstances.

Change in Occupation
You do not need to update the policy, where a customer has been made unemployed or come back into employment as a key worker, we only ask that the customer gets back in touch again if their circumstances change. We would also ask that you set a diary entry to contact the customer after the Government lockdown guidelines are relaxed or at renewal, and to keep us informed then.

Vehicle use
If your customer now needs to use their vehicle to;

  • drive to get to work, rather than using public transport
  • travel between work locations if a key worker
  • travel or undertake voluntary work, thus resulting in increased mileage
  • volunteer and support the community
  • to make food deliveries which are related to their core occupation

You do not need to inform us and their cover will remain unaffected during the Government lockdown, once this is relaxed we will review this guidance.

Customers in the European Union who may be unable to get home
We will extend cover for them under all sections of their policy as shown in their schedule, whilst they are within the European Union or any other permitted country described in their Policy Wording until the end of the lockdown. You do not need to contact us to update their policy or extend their cover.

What happens if customers are unable to provide proof of No Claims Discount and Driving Licence details? What should we do?

Please continue to request and validate documentation, where received, for NCD and Driving Licence information whilst the Government lockdown guidelines remain in place. However during this period you do not have to chase or cancel if documentation is not received, please follow-up any non-received documents once the lockdown is over, 

We will also be collecting them in the event of any claim and customers will be required to pay any difference in premium due, if discrepancies in details provided are found.

Motor (Car, Commercial Vehicle, Motor Cycle)

Will cover remain in force if customers are unable to get an MOT during the lockdown period as garages are now closed?
Yes, MISL had already agreed for cover to remain without a valid MOT in place, as a direct result of COVID 19 from 16 March. The government have since taken this a step further and announced that from 30 March, all MOT certificates will be granted an automatic 6-month extension as along as vehicles are kept in a roadworthy condition.

Can we offer customers ‘laid up’ or ‘suspended’ cover and a reduction in premium if they are not using their vehicle(s) at all during the lockdown?

For screen-rated business (car, van and bike), unfortunately not as most software houses cannot accommodate this. It may worth reminding customers it is a legal requirement to have valid car insurance in place unless the customer registers the vehicle off the road and applies for a SORN.

For other classes of business including Schemes, we are able to be more flexible and where applicable you will have received communications from us providing details. If you need any further information, please contact your Broker Manager, the relevant Underwriter or for an update.



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