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Online Green Card - our online Green Card tool is now live. If you need to produce a Green Card for your policyholder you can do this on their behalf in minutes. To get started, you need the policyholder’s details and the means to print onto green paper. Our Green Card template is in the Broker Self Help tab on the Broker Hub. For up-to-date guidance, see government advice for Driving in the EU after Brexit and FAQs on green cards. Visit the NI Direct Website for Northern Ireland policyholders if you need further information.


Online NCD proof - by keeping up with the latest technology we will be able to save you and your customer time.  You can now request NCD proof online through our Broker Hub. You can find out how to do this by clicking here and going into the self service portal.


FNOL IVR introduction – we are introducing a new FNOL Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to reduce the FNOL capture handling time which in turn will enhance the customer experience. A customers’ information will be captured in the IVR presenting the agent with an opened FNOL report, making the process quicker and easier for the customer. When your customers need to make a claim make sure you let them know about this service and how it will save them time.

PLEASE NOTE: The IVR solution is not available to our Fleet or i90 customers, and where the IVR is not an option, the customer will complete the DPA with a member of staff.

IVR is a telephone technology that can read a combination of touch tone and voice input. It gives users the ability to access a database of information via phone – clever stuff!



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