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Markerstudy collaborates with suppliers via new Sustainable Supply Chain Charter

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Group seeking to improve sustainability outcomes and share best practice

Markerstudy has invited its suppliers to sign its new Sustainable Supply Chain Charter to demonstrate their commitment to the Group’s sustainability objectives.

The charter represents the first part of Markerstudy’s Sustainable Supply Chain Programme, which seeks to align the organisation with its supply chain in a spirit of cooperation and support.  Markerstudy will benchmark suppliers via third-party assessments or audits and then collaborate with them to improve performance and share best practice.

Commenting on the significance of the charter, Lizzie Smith-Foreman, Markerstudy’s director of group marketing, communications and sustainability, said: “Sustainability is a journey, and it’s clear that we’ll only achieve our business goals if we invite our value chain along with us. We intend to work closely with all of our supply chain partners to help us achieve our sustainability goals and create shared value.

“If suppliers can offer us solutions that are more sustainable than our current options, we look forward to working with them to bring those ideas to market. Equally, we’d like to engage with any suppliers needing assistance and support them in overcoming those challenges.”

The charter requires Markerstudy’s suppliers to make commitments in three separate areas, which each feature three subdivisions: Our Planet (Climate Protection, Biodiversity and Responsible Consumption), Our People (Social Inclusion & Wellbeing, Empowered Communities and Development & Opportunities) and Our Responsibility (Ethical Business Practice, Transparent Reporting and Supply Chain Management).

Markerstudy’s sustainability performance was recently recognised at the 2024 National Insurance Awards, where it took home the ESG Award.



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