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You speak, we listen: How your feedback improves the customer’s experience


You and your customers are always our Number 1 priority. Every decision we make is customer inspired, and feedback fuels our innovation. To that end, MISL has made some bold changes. 

All customer-facing activity has now been centralised into the new Operational Performance Division with a dedicated ‘Voice of Customer’ team responsible for:

  • Targeted coaching and on-going training
  • Supporting the rollout of the frictionless customer journey
  • Proactively identifying what is important to our customers and keeping up with changing needs

In addition, we are:

  • Developing our FNOL solution - the aim is for most RTA claims to be reported online, with the customer selecting their preferred repairer from a list of approved garages, and choosing a booking in date/time to suit them – all of this in real time.  The customer will be able to track their repair through to conclusion.
  • Enhancing exception management claims processing – tracking claims to make sure they progress as expected.  The customer will receive regular texts at key stages of the claim to keep them updated on the progress being made.
  • Improving customer satisfaction scoring which will enable us to constantly review and improve the customer journey.
  • Introducing Voice Analytics – to monitor calls and automatically highlight cases where expectations haven’t been met.  These cases can quickly be identified and put back on track.

Here’s a few numbers to give you an idea of the size of the MISL FNOL operation.  In terms of our 24/7 FNOL calls for 2018:

  • 169,641 calls handled
  • 97.5% of calls offered answered with 83.7% answered within 20 seconds
  • Average speed of answer = 30 seconds

Below are the customer satisfaction scores from the surveys we send out:

  • 7,514 surveys completed
  • 43.04% scored us full marks
  • NPS score of 59.9%

Keep talking to us and we’ll keep working on improving the customer experience.



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